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RTCB Inc. is a Not-for-profit Organisation and was formed in 1976, in Brisbane, to provide the public with organised trail ride opportunities at various venues in South East Queensland.

NO Membership, No Licence & No Rego is required, to ride an RTCB Trail Ride Series event.

There are 3 areas that are established:

Pee Wee Track
This track is for the riders that are inexperienced and are learning, and those that are on Pee Wee 50’s that are too little to make it around the Learner trail. The track consists of a flat section of land that is clearly marked out with tape the whole way round with a few bends so as to give some turning practice. Riders that are very comfortable riding this track may want to progress to the Learner trail.

Learner Trail
This trail consists of many elements of an enduro trail but is made so that learner riders are able to make it around that trail. The Learner trail is for those that are not yet capable of doing the Open trail. The only experienced riders that are allowed on this trail are those that are following a learner rider around the trail to assist them. Riders that are very comfortable riding this trail may want to progress to the short loop of the Open trail.

Open Trail
The Open trail is for experienced riders. This trail has every thing in it that the terrain has to offer, hill climbs and decents, fire roads, rocks, creeks, sand, mud, everything that an enduro trail should have. The trail is divided in to 2 loops, a long and a short loop. The short loop is basically there to cater for those less experienced riders that find the Learner trail too easy and the long loop too challenging.
The RTCB aims to provide an organised venue for the public to come and ride, with all the trails being in 1 direction only.

Club officials and First Aid Officers are in attendance to provide assistance if riders have an accident and are injured. We also send out sweep riders around the track, their job is to monitor the track and to assist were possible with any problems / injured persons on the track. Most sweep riders will have a radio with them to report back to base any problems/injuries that have occurred on the track, this is to ensure a quick and safe recovery.



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Reliability Trials Club of Brisbane Inc.

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Reliability Trials Club of Brisbane Inc.

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