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The Parawa Motocross Track consists of natural terrain and man-made jumps, berms, table-top and straights, racing in an anti clockwise direction.

The Mud n Tars Motorcycle Club use the Parawa Motocross Track as their home track for motocross members.

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Parawa Past 3 Days Rainfall
Monday 13.8mm
Sunday 0.8mm
Saturday 8mm

Parawa 5 Day Forecast Rainfall Prediction
Tuesday 0mm
Wednesday 1-5mm
Thursday 1-5mm
Friday 1-5mm
Saturday 0mm
Parawa Weather Rainfall Radar - 04:00:00 PM
Parawa Weather Rainfall Radar - 04:10:00 PM
Parawa Weather Rainfall Radar - 04:20:00 PM
Parawa Weather Rainfall Radar - 04:30:00 PM
Parawa Weather Rainfall Radar - 04:40:00 PM
Parawa Weather Rainfall Radar - 04:50:00 PM
Parawa Map

Weather data updated at 2019-06-17 17:43:55 at Willow Creek

Parawa Motocross Track

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