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Morris Park, the home of Dubbo Dirt Bikes has had some big changes to it over the last couple of years.

Morris Park MX track is arguably one of the more challenging and rewarding tracks on the Central West MX circuit.

A 30 gate start with a dirt base will see riders negotiate a sand uphill start straight and turn left and crest a ski jump heading down the top straight. After a sharp turn riders will then tackle a series of whoop sections, double doubles, table tops and ski jumps throughout the 1.9km circuit.

The soil base and jumps are clay, with a loamy top layer allowing ruts to form up on the entry to most corners.

The dominating feature of the track is the two giant 18 m table top jumps at the finish line.

Nippers ride on a modified circuit avoiding the more difficult obstacles.

The pits now have awning’s along with 3 wash Bays.

A large grassed viewing area with Grandstand is enjoyed by all.

The current incarnation of the track was constructed during 2002 and has been undergoing continuous modification and improvements right up to this very day.


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Morris Park MX Track – Dubbo Dirt Bike Club

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