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Loy Yang Park have 4 tracks that are used for different competitions, club days and the Junior Development program. It is home to the Traralgon Motorcycle Club.

The Mini Bike Track
Constructed from the natural soil in the park which is a heavy sandy loam soil, the Mini Track has its own small table top and small bermed hair pin with a variety of flat corners and straights.

The Hilton Track
Constructed on a slight hill side from the natural soil in the park, all flat track (no berms) with a variety of hill climb straights into large flowing corners through to a tight series of corners.

Enduro Section
Constructed from the natural bush land in the park, heavy sandy loam soil and modified constantly for events.

Motocross Track
Constructed from the natural soil in the park and added clay, track has just been majorly modified recently, including a new 40 position start gate, good drainage installed for wet weather conditions, a water truck onsite for dusty conditions, and hose reels located around complete track. The track includes 2 large table tops and 2 smaller table tops, 2 bermed hair pin corners, step up and fast flowing corners and straights.

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Loy Yang Past 3 Days Rainfall
Friday 0.2mm
Wednesday 0mm
Tuesday 0mm

Loy Yang 5 Day Forecast Rainfall Prediction
Wednesday 15-25mm
Thursday 0mm
Friday 0mm
Saturday 1-5mm
Sunday 1-5mm
Loy Yang Weather Rainfall Radar - 08:30:00 AM
Loy Yang Weather Rainfall Radar - 08:40:00 AM
Loy Yang Weather Rainfall Radar - 09:00:00 AM
Loy Yang Weather Rainfall Radar - 09:10:00 AM
Loy Yang Weather Rainfall Radar - 09:30:00 AM
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Weather data updated at 2019-08-21 18:13:48 at Traralgon South

Loy Yang Park – Traralgon Motorcycle Club

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