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Welcome to the Island ASC, Australia’s premier action sports facility catering to beginners and pro athletes alike. Our extensive range of tracks ensures there’s something for everyone:

  • Senior MX Track: Experience the thrill of riding on a US-style track designed to challenge and excite motocross enthusiasts.
  • Junior MX Track: Perfect for young riders looking to hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment, our junior track provides an ideal setting for growth and development.
  • Rollercoaster Track: Get ready for twists, turns, and exhilarating jumps on our rollercoaster track, designed to push your limits.
  • Jump Development: Take flight and perfect your jumping technique on our dedicated jump development area.
  • Rut Track: Test your skills and navigate through challenging ruts on our rut track, designed to replicate real-life riding conditions.
  • Mini Advanced Track: Designed specifically for young riders progressing in their skills, this track offers a more advanced challenge.
  • Mini Riders Track: With three separate tracks catering to different skill levels, our mini riders track ensures riders of all ages can safely enjoy the sport.
  • Enduro Loops: Immerse yourself in the world of off-road riding with our scenic and diverse enduro loops, perfect for those seeking adventure.

At the Island ASC, they provide a world-class facility where riders can push their limits and enjoy the excitement of action sports in a safe and controlled environment.

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The Island Action Sports Complex

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