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Gap Creek Farm is a large, well maintained camping area along Gap Creek that caters for groups ranging from a single tent to as many tents/camper trailers or caravans as you need. A special area is available for day visitors parking to reduce bike traffic impacts in the camping areas.

Existing purpose built bike tracks consist of 3 especially designed tracks for smaller children and smaller bikes, 1 natural terrain MX track for Adults and 1 small MX track for Adults. The kids tracks are located close to camping areas for parents convenience and consist of an under 6 years track an under 10 years track and a bike size limited track for 150cc-4stroke and 85cc-2stroke and less (Adults on these size bike can also use this track). There are bike size limits on all these tracks that must be adhered to.  No adults are permitted on the smaller two tracks under any circumstances. Children must be supervised at all times.

For adults and the more adventurous youngsters there are directionally marked trails/enduro loops through the hill country and a couple of purpose built tabletops on the southern end of the property, as well as marked trails and hill climbs in the northern area.

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Friday 1-5mm
Saturday 15-25mm
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Gap Creek Farm

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