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  • Length 1.926km (2.061km start line to finish line). Track Speed Record Regan Duffy 7/7/19 1minute 57seconds set at WA Motocross State Round
  • Track Surface – mixture from deep sand near start line to clay at Harvey Hill Flag Point 5 (Clay 30% Sand 70%)
  • Track Style – Very open and flowing traditional motocross style track capitalising on natural terrain, complemented with man made jumps.
  • Greg Moss designed track built in 2017
  • Motorcycling WA affiliated
  • Food & DrinkFood & Drink
  • AccommodationAccommodation
  • Viewing AreaViewing Area
  • BBQ AreaBBQ Area
  • CampingCamping
  • Multiple TracksMultiple Tracks
  • ShowersShowers
  • Powered SitesPowered Sites
  • Water SystemWater System
  • ToiletsToilets
  • WorkshopWorkshop
  • GroomedGroomed


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